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Basket of Assets - Rhodiola Magnesium




  • Description
  • Benefits & Functions
  • Dosage / Package
  • Helps to better withstand temporary stress and promote relaxation and relaxation with rhodiola and magnesium

    For who ?

    For those wishing to better withstand temporary stress.










  • Advantages featuring:

    The rhodiola can better face the unexpected and increases activities promoting mental performance and good cognitive functioning (vigilance, learning and concentration). This is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body adapt more easily to stressful situations of everyday life.

    In addition, the magnesium is a trace element essential to our balance. By contributing to the normal functioning of the nervous system, promotes relaxation and helps fight against transient nervous fatigue..

  • Pill box of 30 capsules: 12.3 g

    For 15 days.