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Aqualigne  - Fat Burning Flat Stomach




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    Helps to burn fat and keep a belly dish with guarana and lemon balm

    for who ?

    For those wishing to help to burn fat and keep a belly flat .









  • Advantages featuring:

    A Double Action: Burn fat
    the day, the body will naturally tap Into its reserves after a night of youthful. It was at that time that the guarana intervenes to help burn fat reserves in order to eliminate excess weight.

    Keep a belly flat
    night, the digestive system will absorb the evening meal. The balm helps digestion at this precise moment in order to reduce bloating and waistline fluctuations.

    Once your goal reached , you can maintain your figure and stabilize your weight with Aqualigne Flat stomach.

  • Box of 10 sachets day and 10 overnight bags: 50 g

    For 10 days.