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  • The Lactose Intolerance Quick Test developed by Biohit for detecting lactose intolerance (hypolactasia of the small intestine) is based on the activity of the lactase enzyme in a biopsy specimen. The biopsy specimen taken from the mucosa of the upper part of the small intestine is examined immediately.

    The development of the color in the test liquid after 20 minutes informs whether or not the lactase enzyme is present in  the biopsy specimen. 

    Lactose Intolerance Quick Test Kit consists of:

    •     Reagents
    •     Plates
  • The main Advantages include below:

    Biopsy sample can be tested immediately.

    No instruments needed.

    Measures lactase activity directly.

    Simple two-step procedure.

    All reagents are ready for use.

    Easy visual interpretation.

    Results in 20 minutes.

    Severe hypolactasia can be differentiated from mild hypolactasia.